Think you need a big beefy budget and full-service ad agency to get big bold ideas that get results?

Think again.


Mersaal has delivered fresh, compelling, standout creative work for everything from transportation to fashion house. From research center to tourism. From business consultancy to fish export.

Whether it’s creating a new brand identity from A to Z or a brand new advertising campaign, put Mersaal on it: For a print or interactive campaign. Website or mobile application, photography or video making. Mersaal works less like an advertising firm sitting across the boardroom table and more like your very own senior creative team that’s part of the staff.

We work with our clients on building lasting relationships and effectively engage audiences to achieve results. We call it the quadruple bottom line-supporting people, planet, and profits by igniting the passions of our audiences.


We create strategically sharp, memorable brands that move hearts, minds, and products.

Our goal is to become a factory of innovative products, based on the latest technologies, that has a real impact on society. We have a multidisciplinary nature, which makes us work from A to Z for different industries and markets

Scientifically, the human needs 15 seconds to decide if he is attracted to something or not. We work with this concept in our mind. From the first sight, our work will catch your eye, sparks interest and call to something deep inside. it is created with this in mind. To be simple, relevant and engaging design. Just smart, strategic thinking that’s beautifully crafted with love and affection. That’s what we’re about.

You have to reach people before you can influence them. So we figure out the best ways to do this. We work closely with you to integrate your passion, values, and message into a compelling brand story that people respond to and connect with in all the right places at the right time. With respect and precision, we empower your brand so that your product or service comes quickly to mind.


We have worked together with clients from the UAE, USA, Spain, Australia, Egypt, Morocco, Canada, Germany, etc. It's time to empower together your brand too.

  • We cover 80% of the advertising services and working on to add more 80%

We provide Branding service that includes: newspaper & magazine ads, billboards, UI/UX design, standees & leaflets, logos & stationery, packaging design, t-shirts and uniform design, corporate manuals/ presentations, catalogues/ brochures/ calendars, media kits, stage design, fashion look books, storybook covers/illustrations.

Our Website service includes: Web design & development, static | dynamic | e-commerce, UI/UX design, mobile apps design & development, web applications and content writing.

Finally, Our digital marketing service includes: social media marketing, content management, 2D animation, 3D visualization and photography.